Brand Apparel is more than just a logo

Brand Apparel is more than just a logo

When it comes to brand apparel, many people think about logo recognition and assume that creating branded apparel is all about the logo. While being able to identify your brand or company is a great reason to invest in branded items, there is more to it than just a logo on a shirt.

Brand apparel is the outward-facing expression of your company and your brand.

Whether it is promotional apparel items or a company uniform, branded apparel can be used to showcase your brand’s values, voice, and style to partners, suppliers, employees, and customers. While a brand’s logo does play a role in the design process, significant thought and consideration must also be given to how a consistent and continuous message will be woven.

A restaurant may choose to incorporate elements of the decor or colour palette to showcase the theme behind a brand. A corporate business may choose to showcase one of the brand’s values that makes it stand out from other competitors in the market. Great brand apparel tells a story that creates a good first impression and makes people want to do business with your brand.

How do you want your brand to be seen? Whether it is a slogan or a stylistic feature of the apparel itself, brand apparel shapes the way your customers see your brand.

Brand perception flows from how your staff feel when they are wearing your company’s uniform.

 Your company’s staff uniform should have the brand logo on it but it should also be comfortable; it should be high-quality, well-fitting, and designed for the specific working conditions of the staff who will be wearing it. How your staff feel wearing their uniform impacts the perception they portray to your customers.

When your staff feel good about the uniform they are required to wear, they will wear it with confidence; they will wear it with pride. Employees who wear their uniform with pride create a positive brand perception and showcase your company as one that employees enjoy working for.

If your staff wear the company uniform with a smile on their face, this happiness is passed on to the customer; the employee becomes more engaged, the customer receives good service, and then leaves feeling good about it.

On the other hand, if your staff are made to wear a company uniform that is ill-suited for their duties and makes them unhappy or uncomfortable at work a customer is more likely to get a negative brand perception. If brand perception flows from brand apparel then it makes sense that there is more involved than just a logo on a shirt or piece of clothing.

Grow your brand and culture with branded apparel.

Nobody wants to look or feel ordinary when they go to work, no matter what they do. Brand apparel helps strengthen your brand but also helps strengthen your company’s culture. When we consider that brand apparel is both the outward-facing expression of a brand and a key driver of brand perception and customer experience, it becomes clear that it is more than a logo on a shirt. After all, how could a simple logo alone convey what your brand stands for or be the sole variable that makes or breaks the outcome of a company uniform?


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