NZ Uniform SpecialistsFounded in 2017, Henry & Gray has been built with the foundation of over 150 years of textile & apparel experience.


The Harris family began outfitting the gold miners in Dunedin in the mid-1800's.  Since then we've designed and constructed work wear for New Zealanders from all walks of life. From sports stars and business people to Prime Ministers and TV stars, we've made people look and feel great for their work life and most important special occasions.

Crafting businesses like Bing Harris & Co and Nicholas Jermyn has provided us a long history of manufacturing with inspirational style and quality.  

What makes us unique is that we design and create all our own garments or select from an exclusive range of stock items to specifically meet the needs of our customers and because we are uncompromising when it comes to quality the outcome for our wearers is unparalleled. 

Nobody wants to look or feel ordinary when they go to work, no matter what they do, our mission is to ensure they never have to.