How to Choose the Right Type of Material for Your Garment

Choosing the right material for your business clothing is an important part of the process of company uniforms.


Cotton is one of the most common fabrics used in clothing, most people will have a clothing item made from 100% cotton.  Cotton is a breathable fabric and business clothing made from this is soft and comfortable.  The only downside to cotton clothing items is that they are not as durable and harder to iron than other fabrics.  This fabric is perfect for both casual and formal uniforms. It can be used in company shirts and t-shirts, and also as a material in blouses and polo shirts.  Cotton is a perfect fabric to use for corporate industries that want to look professional.


Polyester is another common fabric used to produce business clothing.  Polyester is quick-drying and crease resistant to ensure easy maintenance.  It is also very durable due to the strong long-lasting fibres it is produced from.  Polyester is commonly used in outdoor garments such as t-shirts, polos and singlets which benefit from its moisture wicking ability.  The only real downside to polyester is it is not as comfortable on the skin as cotton. 

Polyester Blends

Polyester can be combined with other fabrics and is commonly done so for business clothing.  Polyester and cotton are blended to produce a comfortable and low-maintenance fabric.  It can make a uniform easier to iron due to its resistance to wrinkles and creases.  It can be blended in different combinations but most common is 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester or 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton.  Polos, shirts, tops and blouses are commonly produced from polycotton fabrics.

Polywool is a common poly blend fabric where polyester and wool are blended.  This fabric is regularly used in business suits and uniform pants and jackets.  Polyviscose is another poly blend fabric with a combination of polyester and viscose or rayon blended together.  This fabric is commonly used in business clothing such as suit jackets, blazers, trousers or skirts.  These items fit well but are also comfortable and durable.