Some Final Business Clothing Considerations

Hopefully we have covered most of your questions in this Business Clothing Guide.  Below are just a few final things to consider when looking at your business clothing requirements.

Embroidery or printing - which one is best for your business

Choosing whether you use embroidery or printing for the branding and logos on your business clothing will depend on a combination of product, design and work environment.  There are normally options for each product but we will typically look to use embroidery on shirts, polos, down jackets, shorts, pants and caps and print on t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.  In terms of designs, more complex and large designs are better suited to printing while embroidery is great for simple and small designs such as basic logos.  Work environment is also a factor when considering embroidery or printing on uniforms.  Embroidery will typically last longer and is better in harsh environments or where industrial washing is required of a garment.  For details on all branding options go to

The importance of protective workwear clothing 

Protective workwear clothing is crucial in many industries including construction, trades, and engineering.  It is important to ensure that any protective workwear and safety clothing meets Australia and New Zealand safety standards.  All of our range of stock apparel meets these standards and we will ensure that any custom items also meet the required standards.  Depending on the environment your staff are working in, there may be specific requirements for what your staff wear.  Our website features a small part of what we can provide in protective workwear so if you can’t find something, please talk to us about other options and any needs you might have.

How to strike a balance between price, quality and delivery of business workwear

It can be challenging to strike a balance between price, quality and delivery of your business workwear.  It is important that you talk to your uniform provider about this and work with them to find the best solution to meet your requirements.  Whilst budgets are always important, getting the cheapest price item is not normally a great long-term solution.  If you place some importance on quality with your new uniforms, you are likely to end up saving money in the long term as your business workwear will last longer and can be replaced less often.  You will be able to find a range of quality levels at different price points to talk to your uniform provider about the different options and pros and cons of each.  With the delivery side of things,  if you want to have quick access to replenishment orders it always pays to choose a never out of stock item rather than doing custom business workwear.  Custom business workwear has the advantage of being unique and meeting your exact requirements but will typically have a longer lead time.


Understanding the garment industry’s supply chain

The garment industry’s supply chain refers to tracing each step in a garments supply chain from raw material production to garment manufacturing.  This process includes the labels, swing tags and packaging associated with each garment.  As things like sustainability and child labour free become important subjects in the environment we are in becomes more important, customers are asking more questions around this.  It is no more a case of just wanting to know a garment is “Made in China”, which factory it is made in and what certification does this factory hold around labour conditions and sustainability.  Most business clothing brands will have detailed information around their supply chain and will be able to provide information and certification in this area if required.  Talk to your workwear supplier if you want more information