How to Update Your Brand Using Business Clothing

When you are looking at updating your team’s business clothing, you should allow plenty of time to get this right.  A change to your uniform can form a key part to a brand update and is more complex than just a logo on an apparel item. 

You should begin by identifying the needs within the business and this part should include the work environment for the different employees, who will be wearing the new business clothing uniform, budgets you need to work towards, must have clothing items versus additional nice to haves.  Whenever you are looking at a uniform change or upgrade project it is important to ensure staff will love what they are wearing and at the same time reflect the company culture and values.

Once you have looked at your business clothing needs, it is important to start looking into specifics relating to the apparel items such as colours, fabrics and fit.  Colour needs allow for the brand colours where there are options to have some business clothing items in your brand colours or just use neutral colours and have your logo add the colour.  As discussed earlier, fabrics will depend a lot on the work environment and type of work that your staff are in so make sure you select this carefully with the help of your uniform provider.  Garment fit is an important part of getting your staff to embrace the new uniform across the business.  Work with your uniform provider to get recommendations and get size and fit samples where required and feedback from some of your staff.

Consider what the full uniform range will look like across your business and make sure it all works well together.  You’re likely to have some core items such as t-shirts, polos, and shirts but you need to also think about winter items such as jackets.  How will these work together and how many staff need everything versus the ones that don’t need to be wearing a uniform all the time.  Will you provide pants, shorts or skirts and if not, how will you ensure your staff continue to uphold the company brand with their own business clothing.

The implementation of any new business clothing can be the most difficult part but it is also extremely important to get right.  You should communicate the reasons for the change and give a bit of an overview as to why you are considering a new look.  This should form part of a launch and get everyone excited about the new uniforms.  Ideally, put in place a clothing guidelines document so everyone knows what is expected when wearing the new business clothing range.  

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