How we helped branded workwear clients when they needed a short turnaround

How we helped branded workwear clients when they needed a short turnaround

Whether another supplier has let you down, additional requirements have popped up or ordering your branded workwear has just slipped through the cracks… sometimes there isn’t anything you can do about it. We get it – here’s what we do in those situations.

We often get asked, “Would you commit to a short turnaround time?” Wherever possible, we will do whatever it takes to get our customers’ orders delivered when they need them, even if it requires a short turnaround.

Our word is our promise

We will only commit to a short turnaround time if we are 100% confident that we can deliver by the required date. This means if we commit to a short turnaround time, we have done our due diligence with suppliers, printers and embroiderers to check the feasibility of it. Once we have committed to a deadline, you can trust we will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Our goal is always to have completed the order with a few days to spare – even with a short turnaround time. We work backwards from the customer due date to make sure we have at least a day of safety. If it means we have to drive to a store or supplier to pick things up, we will.

We set the scene with suppliers

Right from the start we set the scene with all the suppliers involved and lock them all in. They know that this order must be done urgently. There are a lot of moving parts that must run like clockwork for us to meet our commitment. If we can’t get a commitment from a supplier that they can do it in the required timeframe, we will find a different one who can.

It’s all hands on deck

Anyone can achieve a short turnaround time with low quality, but we strive to achieve a short turnaround with the same high-quality branded workwear that our customers know and expect. We follow a compressed version of our standard process with all the usual quality checks. The job gets marked as high priority and jumps to the front of each queue; it’s all hands on deck to source any workwear needed or deliver the garments between suppliers.

We have several tactics up our sleeves that we can use to fast-track the process including delivering garments to the printers, calling on favours from our suppliers, and investing in quicker courier services.

Whatever it takes, we make it happen

We once had a client, an IT company, who came to us at the beginning of the week. They needed company branded clothing as they were taking some of their clients to an event that Friday night. We did the calculations and determined it was feasible – “Yes, we will commit to a short turnaround time.”

Placing a corporate business order for the garments would have taken too long, so our team drove around three different Auckland Macpac stores to pick up the required products. We delivered these to an embroiderer we had called in a favour with and then had the embroidered garments delivered to the client in Wellington within 3-4 days of their initial contact.

We help you protect your brand image

A corporate customer had ordered branded work polo shirts from their existing supplier for staff to wear in the field. Unfortunately, the polo shirts had shrunk when they were washed. The customer needed urgent replacement shirts for their staff so they could maintain their professional image on-site. The customer contacted us on Thursday, and we had new replacements delivered to them the following Tuesday. We were able to deliver on our promise and our corporate client was able to protect their brand image with high-quality, company branded clothing.

Do you need custom branded workwear or company branded clothing urgently for your next event or site visit? Talk to the team at Henry and Gray and we can see what is possible.

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