When is custom business clothing right for your business?

When is custom business clothing right for your business?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m at a place of business, what catches my attention the most is if the employees are wearing custom business clothing.

Ok, I’m biased, I’m in the business of custom business clothing. But, I’m sure you will agree, that when you see the staff wearing garments that have a unique identity, that look smart, that are worn with pride, you know that the business cares about how customers perceive them and will most likely look after you just that little bit better.

So there you have it, it’s simple really. The question answers itself, if you want to determine if custom clothing is right for your business, think about your unique identity, about wanting the staff to look smart and represent your business with pride. Case closed right?

Well, maybe, but what are some other reasons why custom business clothing might be right for you?


Are the needs of the business changing? 

As we talk about in our business clothing guide, often it is the needs of the business that are changing, that precipitate a new environment for custom garments within the organisation. 

Changes to work environments for some employees, that relate to health and safety requirements for example, lead to a rethink of what’s required from not only an identity level, but also from a practical level as well. Colour, fit, different types of materials as well as feedback from those team members who are directly impacted, form the basis of the consideration process.


Balancing non-negotiables with ‘nice-to-haves’ 

There will always be the ‘nice-to-haves’ when it comes to custom business clothing. So it is important to define what is essential. Can the same need be fulfilled with stock-standard?  

The answer to that question is probably, yes. But, is that what you really want?  

Stock standard is all well and good, but will it go the distance and provide the ability to stand out in today’s hyper competitive world when you really should be rising above the crowd? Probably not.

Choosing to go with custom business clothing can give you the best of both worlds providing you with what is essential, coupled with the ability to add those ‘nice-to-haves’ as you go.


The reasons that going ‘custom’ might be the right move 

Many of our clients start their journey towards going with custom business clothing when they consider their own ‘values’. They may be revisiting their values to determine if they are still relevant and reflect the business and how they want to be perceived in the marketplace.

Often a redesign of branding initiates a move towards custom business clothing to fit needs of quality and durability. For example, our client MG Marketing, the marketing arm of a successful produce growing co-operative, wanted 100% cotton garments. They trusted Henry and Gray to come up with a solution for their staff to wear in all aspects of their business. We designed a custom clothing set that would work for office staff, and those in the field. 

Some of our clients have made significant cosmetic changes to their premises and used the opportunity to go ‘custom’. For example, The Brit Pub & Eatery in downtown Auckland, underwent a dramatic transformation. The interior was refitted with lots of natural light, rich wood, nautical themes and accents of navy, sage & brass. This palette was reflected in their uniform - A trendy, comfortable outfit that staff love to wear. For kitchen staff, working in a hot environment we avoided large blocks of screen prints to ensure their cotton t-shirts continue to breathe.

It may be that you want to stand out from the rest!  Our client MYGuy, is a property maintenance and handyman company based in Auckland that offers a wide range of services that many Kiwis rely on. They gave us ‘license’ to help bring their uniforms to life and provide them with gear that is both reliable, and recognisable.

We designed custom sublimation dye polo’s that reflect the MyGuy brand incorporating their colours and service ethos. Branded shorts and pants in the MYGuy colours also form part of the MYGuy uniform.

The polo’s we chose for MYGuy reflect their commitment to quality and brand. Sublimation dye allows for a multi coloured garment without seams or added cost and your brand won’t peel or crack with harsh laundering.

If your goal for custom clothing is to use it as a platform for advertising your business, then investing in higher quality options pays dividends and often gives you a very high marketing ROI for every dollar spent.

Custom business clothing also gives you the opportunity to showcase your organisation's creativity, again, one way that you can stand out from your competition. Brand apparel, particularly when customised,  is the outward-facing expression of your company and your brand.


Things to consider when going with ‘custom business clothing’

 Typically, the ‘look’ you're going for will dictate the direction you head with ‘custom’ options.

When using patterned items like stripes, checks or prints definitely allow for more noticeable business clothing, but you need to be careful when adding logos or branding as they can get lost in the detail of the fabric.  Another option that adds some individuality to your uniforms, is to put some sort of contrast detailing into it such as a different fabric inside the collar of a shirt or coloured button stitching to match your brand.  This is a great way to look different without going too bold.

Another consideration is the various types of fittings for shirts and the types of fabrics that are suitable for your requirements. Henry and Gray can advise you on the best options to suit your needs.

Durability is another key consideration. If you care about your brand, you’ll want your custom clothing to last.

Are you committed to sustainability and reducing exploitation? If yes, then going ‘custom’ allows you to use locally sourced certified products that can incorporate recycled materials in some cases and are produced in mills with good working conditions.

 If you want your brand to stand out on your custom clothing, then embroidery is the most stylish method to achieve this. Embroidery adds a depth of branding quality and the finished image has a slightly raised effect. Embroidery uses rayon thread which is stitched into the product. However, if your workwear needs hi-visibility then sublimation dye might be the way to go.

There are a number of options for branding your clothing. Henry and Gray offers a free concept design service and can help you determine the best options for what you want to achieve.

 Overall, longer lead times and balancing price, quality and delivery of business workwear are things to think about when you start to plan your custom business clothing. With going custom, the process from start to having the finished product delivered is a lot longer, therefore, it is important that you understand the garment supply chain.


You can’t beat experience  

Henry and Gray have more than 20 years combined experience in the business clothing industry and we have an extensive amount of knowledge, custom clothing options and advice to help you get the most from your custom business clothing needs.

If you are thinking of going ‘custom’ with your business clothing - Talk to Us today!

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